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Live Inspired

We always have a choice. And choosing to live each day with inspiration is no different, because there is something that inspires each and every one of us. That makes us want to be better, makes us feel alive. That doesn’t necessarily mean a making knee jerk reaction like quitting your job and driving a van cross-country to escape the why of an uninspired now. It’s finding the little things in everyday life that make us excited, let us dream again. Choose to risk and try something, fail, learn, try again, and succeed. To not stop at one success, but to celebrate it, learn from it, and use it as fuel for your fire. To dream bigger, take the next risk, and continue a process of personal growth so far removed from settling for the norm, the average, that you can’t help but to remember how to live.

Evaluate your current situation. Maybe your job isn’t the issue, perhaps it’s your motivation. Did you choose what you do because you were passionate about it at one time, but have since lost your drive? If so, acknowledge it and rekindle that fire. Or sometimes passions evolve or change entirely. That’s okay as well, but acknowledge the circumstance and address it. Let your lifestyle shift. Don’t stagnate.

Or perhaps you settled for your job because it was safe. Don’t waste another minute. Safety breeds complacency and resentment, restricts freedom. What have you always wanted to do? Reach out to a mentor or inspired friend, colleague, or family member, brainstorm a sustainable change that can let you lead your own inspired life again. You deserve it if you are ready to stop settling.

Change shouldn’t be arbitrary and forced for the sake of it, but should push you in the direction you want to move in. Start small if you need. Positivity and inspiration snowball. Put down your phone, pick up a hobby. Physical tasks often engage us mentally and in a different way than we may be used to at work. We’re so technology oriented we often forget how damn good it feels to use our hands. So decide to do something, build something, learn something. Never settle. Find what inspires you, what lets you live again, and do something about it.

Nate Chambers
Nate Chambers


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