Two things I learned from rebuilding the floor at Roark Gyms - Nate Chambers

Two things I learned from rebuilding the floor at Roark Gyms

I wanted to share two quick things I learned last week while working on a flooring project at Roark Gyms. They're applicable to everyday life, so enjoy!

First, from a movement perspective.

Lots of people throw their back out doing random tasks like bending over to grab can from the bottom shelf or lifting weirdly shaped objects (ever helped move a friend's dresser?).

So the question is this, is the fitness we're doing in the gym helping get us ready for life (and work) outside the gym?

Doing healthy movement exercises and mobility will help open your hips so you can squat (see video below) instead of having to bend over to reach things on the ground, which exposes your back.

Are you doing things like the Hip Flow in the morning when you get up? Just food for thought.

The second is a thought on mindset.

I didn't want to do this project. I had been thinking about it for a few weeks while waiting for materials to arrive and wasn't stoked on the prospect of spending a day rebuilding the floor.

When the last of the materials arrived at the gym, I thought for a minute about just waiting until the weekend, or maybe next week!

But all that would have done is have the project looming over my head even longer, which would make it seem even worse.

So I just dived in and Thomas (our other coach at the gym) and I knocked it out.

The cliche "don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today" holds true. If you need to do something, just get it done. You'll avoid a bunch of unnecessary mental stress.

Want some more mindset tips? Check out my Operation LTD (Live The Dream) Guidebook.


Nate Chambers
Nate Chambers


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