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The rest is taken care of. Weekly training programs arriving to your inbox every Sunday evening. Each week has achievable workouts for every day. Some are high intensity workouts and some are active recovery, but they're built together for your longevity. All you need is your commitment and a positive mindset.

If we're not professional athletes, we should be training for longevity. To feel healthy, strong, move well, and be able to pursue our passions outside the gym. So my training programs focus on that while building strength, helping you look the way you want, improving stability, resistance to injury, and cardiovascular stamina.

My definition of fitness is your ability to perform a physical task, recover in a short period of time, and repeat the effort with minimal loss in performance. In other words, maintain your energy levels as long as possible throughout a game, hike, run, surfing session, or whatever it is you like to do. So the training programs I provide build that stamina and ability to recover quickly so you can keep performing at the level you want.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or choose your path above. Now let's get training!