About Nate Chambers



From Mechanical Engineer to entrepreneur, I've been through some wild ups and downs.

I invented a kitchen product that sold over 100,000 units. I started and failed at two businesses because I was chasing the wrong thing (money). And when I adjusted my expectations and wanted to start my third business, I chose to live out of my car for 7 months while still working my professional job.

Why would I make such sacrifices and try again despite repeat “failures”? Because if I wouldn’t bet on myself, who would? Each experience taught me something valuable, and I believed SO STRONGLY in what I knew I could make happen.

And now I'm doing what I love, the same thing I was working towards from the back of my Volkswagen Jetta: Building Better Humans

I've learned from the best of the best and I synthesize from what I learn and experience to provide simple yet powerful tools to capitalize on the resources you have.

I do mindset seminars for teams and corporate clients. I train fitness coaches and small business owners so they can leverage the resources they have and be in a position to truly help those they work with on a daily basis.

If you're interested in working with me, you can send me an email or schedule a phone call to chat. I'm here to help and I love seeing people succeed.