Corporate Team Building - Nate Chambers

8-Week Course and Mindset Seminars, Corporate Speaking, and Team Building


Time management issues, over-connectedness, and work-related anxiety are rising in today’s corporate world. My 8-Week Online Course and seminars are geared towards these issues and more, but each can be tailored towards your company and team's needs and goals.

My Building Better Humans Guidebook is the framework for the seminars and steps through the 4 lifestyle blocks of Mindset, Nutrition, Recovery, and Fitness. There are actionable exercises and the online course has short videos and exercises that walk you through simple yet powerful, actionable steps.

Everything is geared towards the corporate employee and is based on my experience as an Engineering manager, spending time with top executives, military special forces, and professional athletes, and the thousands of hours of training and feedback from the members at at my gym.

Onsite and Ongoing

Initial engagement begins start with a one-hour talk that introduces the importance of a positive mindset, and how it is the foundation for all aspects of our life. Topics include goal setting and time management, and the importance of staying active both in the office and outside of the workplace. This talk incorporates movement exercises for the office and videos people can follow on my app.

I also host my 8-Week Course with weekly onsite check-ins and support. I work with the managers first to get alignment for desired outcomes, then dive in with the team. The course takes people through everything they need to a live a healthier, more productive, positive lifestyle while only requiring 45 minutes per week of employee time.


Two to three hour seminars. These include a talk about training for longevity, the importance of warming up (and exercises for home, the office, and traveling), a team workout, catered food, and a presentation.

The presentation is about the importance of a positive mindset and how to de-stress and find time to stay healthy. It also discusses how mindset it is the foundation for all aspects of our life. From setting priorities, to breaking mental barriers, building habits and setting goals, plus how to stay active both in the office and outside of the workplace.