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Training Resources

Below are a few links and notes on different products you can purchase to help with your training. I strongly encourage you to get both a long band and a short band immediately, as the benefits from daily banded activation will help with injury prevention, joint stability, and generally improve your training and how you feel. I have a band shoulder activation complex video and a band glute activation video that you can watch for tips on how to use both bands.

The WeckMethod items are great additional tools to broaden your training scope. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions on any of the below.


  • Long bands for shoulder activation and pre-hab work. Ladies get an orange (#0) or red (#1) band, and guys should grab a red (#1) or blue (#2) band.
  • Short bands for glute activation. Both ladies and guys should get the XL (longer band, the normal is too short). Ladies get a XL Blue (Heavy), unless you feel you're new to training in which case the XL Green (Medium) could be a good alternative. Guys should get the XL Blue (Heavy) as well, unless you have a good training background and want additional resistance, in which case get the XL Black (Extra Heavy).