Building Better Humans - Movement First - Nate Chambers

Building Better Humans - Movement First


For less than $6 / week the path to a healthier, better moving, more confident you will land in your inbox every Sunday night. The uncertainty of what to do for exercise each day is over its up to you to just do the work. And the best don't need a gym.

Program includes:

  • Weekly training sent to your inbox every Sunday evening (pacific time)
  • Several exercises and movements intelligently planned so that you can start moving better without needing a gym or worrying about getting hurt with weights.
    • A list of all movements and links to how-to videos on YouTube
    • Access to private Facebook group with other members of the program to ask questions, get tips from me, share successes, and be a part of the community

    FREE INTRO WEEK download to get a taste for the type of exercise you'll be doing:

    Change comes in small, incremental steps and I'm here to show you the path one day at a time. You will have the tools to make a positive change through fitness. This program will take you where you want to go (and further), all that is required of you is consistency and a positive attitude! This isn't a 30 day fad program, or a 6 week body...this is a long-term program that gets you sustainable results. And the great thing is that the longer you do it, the stronger and more capable you will become while achieving the aesthetics you're looking for.

    This is an ongoing program targeted at healthy movement, injury prevention, and strengthening the entire body, and maintaining or losing weight (depending on nutrition). 

    • Who this is for: Anyone looking to get exercising. This program is meant for beginners and does NOT require a gym. Several small elastic bands are recommended but not required.
    • What you should expect to achieve
      • Aesthetics: We'd be lying if we said we didn't want to look better. With this program your performance will keep up with the lean, strong, capable look you will achieve.
      • Injury prevention: Too often we start training but get hurt due to overuse. This program breaks things up into achievable daily movement goals, and works to build stability and strength through movement and light bands; no weights are or equipment are needed.
      • Cardiovascular stamina: Improved ability to perform an effort, recover, and perform again. This translates into almost any activity outside the gym, from playing with your kids or grandkids to hiking or cycling on the weekends.
      • Strength: You will become stronger.
      • Core: Core strength will improve (thanks to supporting our body weight with proper posture and added movement).
      • Longevity: Solid warm-ups, injury prevention and pre-hab movements are included everyday. Not every workout will crush you. The volume will add up and you will be able to stay healthy while improving significantly. 
    • What this prepares you for: Everyday life! You should be able to move better, feel better, and have increased strength and cardiovascular abilities. From hiking to playing with your kids/nephews/nieces and keeping up with your significant other, your general fitness will see vast improvements from this program.

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